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In 2016, Coca Cola launched a global “That’s Gold” campaign for the Rio 2016 Olympics featuring athletes from 23 countries. MPC Shanghai finished the China edition, which was aired in more than 50 markets worldwide

Starring Olympic Chinese Athletes: Sun Yang, Zhu Ting, the Olympic Volleyball coach Lang Ping and Zhang Peimeng the Chinese track and field sprinter, the commercial revealed how the star athletes went through rigorous training to prepare for the Olympic moment.

Since the footage was shot before the actual Olympics games, MPC Shanghai had to stimulate the surreal hyperrealistic crowd scenes cheering for the athletes mimicking the actual moment of the Olympics games.

As the Lead Nuke artist at MPC Shanghai, my role was to populate the crowd, comp them, creating that sense of spaciousness in the stadium and track & field arena. The most challenging part was generating the crowd for over 40 shots. To foster an up close & personal storytelling perspective, we shot individuals against green screen then populated them as well as animated flags with camera flashes in each of the stadium and arena shot. We generated the CG crowd in The Foundry Nuke only, without any 3D applications. Based on the geometry of each stadium, we developed a stimulation technique in populating the audience. The populating-the-crowd solutions allows us to customize the crowd size, adding / removing audience easily.

Agency: Mccann Shanghai

Production Company: Cases Films

Director: Augusto de Fraga

VFX: MPC Shanghai

VFX Supervisor: Barry Greaves

Shoot Supervisors: Barry Greaves & Eason Wu

VFX Team of Shanghai: iMan Javaherypour, Joseph Tsang, Madhuka Gunasekera, Rodrigo de la Parra, RJ Ruan, Qiu Cheng, Su TingTing, Dai Xu, Neo Chu, Andy Steele, Phinnaeus O'Connor.

Colourist: Vincent Taylor


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